Her World Brides Bridal Event

10:08:00 AM

This was defintely a post for brides only ~ 
I am honored to be invited by Her World Brides to set up a booth showcasing latest bridal nail designs. 

the big stage for their Bride of the Year contest ~ 

Yes that's my booth ... And you are right they misspelled it too ...  

My booth set -up ... simply neat ! 
my fav bunny with my fav cookie - elmo hello kitty hair piece ~  
And showcasing my bridal nail designs for this year ! 

Nail designs from my nail collections ~ autumn and summer ~ 

Me at work ~ 

my super cute sister Patricia , helped me out with booth display and photography while im at work ~ 

Thanks for invitation from Her World Brides ! 
Here's the feature : 

A glimpse of it : 

Event highlights: Her World Brides Bride of the Year 2012

Beautiful girls in beautiful wedding gowns shone at the Her World Brides’ Fabulous Weddings’ inaugural Bride of The Year contest

It was certainly an exciting weekend for to-be-weds at the 2012 Her World Brides’ Fabulous Weddings show.

Her world brides bride of the year finalists
The contestants of Her World Brides' Bride of the Year 2012
With 14 great booths – featuring the best salons, photographers, venue providers and beauty services – offering a range of exciting deals and offers, their big day shopping just got better, and a lot easier. Nail care expert, Secret Chamber Nails, showed off popular colours and finishes, and delighted ladies with complimentary express manicure services. Tinydot Photography was on-site to flaunt snapshot portfolios, while designers had dazzling wedding dresses on display.
But the most attention-garnering highlight of the event was the very first Bride of The Year contest. Twelve lovely young brides-to-be beat dozens of hopefuls to sashay down the catwalk, donning gorgeous creations by top bridal boutiques Bridal Concept, Bridal De Couture, Bridal Zone, Golden Horse Awards and Yvonne Creative. Eight were selected to vie for the title at the June 17 finals.

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