Just can't get enough of L'ile Aux Ashby PoP Up event

7:26:00 AM

It has been a fruitful event and am glad that alot of people attended despite its the LV pop up store opening as well ~ 
This is the power of Local talents  !! 

This is my display showcase ~
 I have created another 8 more graphical designs just for the event ! 

 Street style shoot that have my nail art on 2 awesome bloggers , Rana from Bonjour Singapore and Lenne from Aetienne . Thanks to John from Street Peek for shooting these fabulous photos ! 

Local illustrator, Heage , on his interpretation of L'ile Aux Ashby collection 

Izziyana, the embroidery creator ~ this is a delicately hand-crafted piece of work ! Hand - drawn fashion illustration with inclusion of weaving techniques ~ totally skillful ! 

This was taken with Lenne during the shoot day, isn't she cute ! =p 
I have actually created 2 other designs on the day of the shoot but somehow i feel that the other 2 fits best !

Here are some of the nail designs ive created on the spot that day ~ 
That was so much fun ! 

 Heage , was the first male to get his thumb nailed graphically ! 
His thumb is defintely a great canvas to create and design ~ 

 Rayson Tan , the wholly cool designer of L'ile Aux Ashby  that brings all of us here! 

Felly, writer of Couture Troopers get her nails nailed too ! 

Fabulous friends made at the event too! 
Angel, the individualist design student and Jessica Ye , editor of Couture Troopers 

this is the 150s' catergory pic 

Meet new members of the tai-tai club ~ Zureena of Couture Troopers and Patricia, my sweet sister ! 

This totally a coincidence ! She's my sis ex-lecturer ~ 

The chic Azawi David ! By the way she style , you would know she's a stylist ! 

Cornelyus of Cornelyus Tan Photography with his thumb graphified too !  

The team pic ! Yeah ~ Its a wrap ! A successful one , defintely ! 

Have you missed getting your nails graphically created at the PoP Up event  ? 
You can get your nails created the same way as on the event too! 
See you all soon!  

Thanks to Rana , Bonjour Singapore for the mention on her article of the pop up store 

And Petrina of Red LipStick on the event too! Thanks sweetie ! 

Of  Course from the official magazine Couture Troopers write -up ! 

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