Event #004: Teacher's Day at Tampines Primary School

10:29:00 PM

This was during September 1st Teacher's Day.
 And we were the manicurists for these fabulous teachers .
As its just next to my secondary school,
 defintely a trip to remember !

the students here were so cute and sweet!
they collaborate with the department heads to show their appreciation towards them.
~ touchy moments ~

not only did this students hired us, they even hired mobile masseurs
 and for snacks ... Delifrance !
Very thoughtful ~

most of the teachers that were invited teaches Maths, English .
I must say , during my primary school days .. these 2 subjects are not my best friend.

Let me recall , how many years ive not stepped into a primary school .. 10 years ? 20 ?
im an oldie.. lol ~

Happy Teachers' Day !

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