Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

9:23:00 AM

Sorry babes for the late posts ,

my laptop has officially say good-bye to me.
Its ignorance causing me unable to upload new pics as well as watching my fav drama ...
Yes ... all ... from my twitter you would have known ..Autumn's Concerto!
Heez heez...

My theme for today is greatly related to where her origin is from, Germany.
Hence i named this design Berlin: Symphony of a Great City.
Shes really a bubbly cheerful girl with short , sweet curly hair =)
I love her natural curls!

As her nails are long enough , i dropped off the idea of having extensions for her.
I use french gel overlay with a combination of 2 different layers of rainbow glitters as base.

On top of the gel overlay, tones of blings blings with
chains of glittery stones as part of design.

And heres the thumbs design .
Irrestible pearly hearts tightly secured to the thumb.
Not to worry that the hearts would drop as i have my way of securing it. =)

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