Pretty Pedi-z here i come !

11:10:00 PM

Here are some of the pedicure art designs - 

Dark red OPI base with rose nail sticker n pearls. Elegant  isn't it?

My collegue Miss V came to get her pedicure done.
Her bf told me it will be on his tab to give her a surprise!
How sweet !
Doesn't it look like galaxy with all the planets on it ?

My bubbly customer who works in clinic wants to give her doctor boss a shock!
Did this sweet pink strips n pokka dots with five petal flowers on the big toe.


Inspired by Nail Max. One of the favorites french art.
Dark purple base + Silver TINS color.


 Red base with hand painted flowers with tons of swaroski crystals ive just bought!
by the way , this bride-to-be is a gorgeous pretty lady which is why her mum named her Preeti =)


 Lovely beach babe loved it!
Pokka... pokka... pokker... dots. 


Rising sun on bright pinkish base.
Pasting each n every silvery balls forming  sun rays,
its worth every eyes to create this!


this is my toesy using the same pink as above but created a cross.
God bless!


 Make-up artist babe gave her bride-to-be friend a surprise nail party!
She did the popular french art in gold tone.
Bollywood ladies!


Lightings are dim , sorry ladies for the bad photography skills.
But its the same french art with a twist in dark red base.

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