Nail Creations #001 : Mixtures

9:53:00 AM

here are the works i did during my free slots.
i love flipping nail max or nail venus for inspirationz.

Red french design with blings!
Look at the 4th nail~ swaroski crystals formed a ribbon

Another french nail art using purple & TINS silver. Inspired by Nail Max.
Of course with added blings too!

i did green french first then realise pink looks pretty nice too!
i added pearls with matching pearly stones... sweet!!

these are different french designs too.
i love to create fancy french =)

Inspiration from Nail Venus.
Look at the hand painted lace & roses ive drawn. 
It took me quite some time too.  

Gold tone OPI polish with TINS silver glitters & of course tons of blings!

Hearts hearts tons of Hearts!
Acrylic created red with pink hearts & pinkish swaroski crystals.
sweet sweet like sugar

Another nail creation with acrylic hearts and
the checked base is all hand-painted in black & pink.  

sweet pinkish glitter french using PRINCESS RULES
 with mixed swaroski crystals

French pink & white creation at the nail tip with blings
& gold pearls align around swaroski crystals

Simple french nail design

my favorites! 2-tone glitter french with OPI * TINS glitterish design! 

Pearly base with TINS color create pink lines.
Added with pink swaroski crystals & gold hearts

These are pedicure creations that ive designed.

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