your toes my toes ~

6:26:00 AM

Its time for pedi-art !

sweet pokka dots of pink and tiffany green by pat ~

bright yellow with bright pink hearts , pokka dots & strips ! 
not to forget bumble bee  ~

her friend of course did another version .

Of orange & blue color ~

one of my favorites ~ the polish glitter color matches very well with the heart flakes !

her aunt did a sweeter design ~

peachy pink with purple dots ~
and hand-painted roses ... sweet vintage feel ~

another cute nails by pat ~

alternate inverted french ~
match with ribbon , heart and 5 petal flower -- sweet !

tis a new year design ...
dotting colorful pastel pokka dots ~

her boss came requesting mickey mouse theme from me during new year ...  
and here's my version of mickey theme  !

mickey gloves & mickey pants ~

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